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Hillsong UNITED - The White Album (Double Vinyl)

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Hillsong UNITED: The White Album [Remix Project] is a

2-disc LP collection of well-known songs previously released from UNITED but remixed by various mix engineers and musicians. The project includes "With Everything", "Search My Heart", "From The Inside Out", "Like An Avalanche" amongst others. Completely remixed, these innovative expressions bring to light a new creative approach to songs that are already well loved.


1.    With Everything (Tim Yagolnikov Remix)

2.    Scandal of Grace (Chad Howat Remix)

3.    Like An Avalanche (Eric Owyoung Remix)

4.    Aftermath (Chislett / Tennikoff Remix)

5.    Aftermath (Stacy King Remix)

6.    Hosanna (Tim Yagolnikov Remix)

7.    All I Need Is You / Came To My Rescue (Lark Remix)

8.    From The Inside Out (Black Rodeo Remix)

9.    Search My Heart (Solomon Olds Remix)

10.  The Stand (Jeremy Edwardson Remix)

11.  Oceans (Lark Remix)

12.  Love Is War (Darren King Remix)

13.  Where Feet May Fail (HXLY KXSS Remix)

14.  Relentless (Young & Free Remix)