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Hillsong Worship - Let There Be Light (Deluxe Album)

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  1. Behold (Then Sings My Soul)
  2. Love So Great
  3. Look To The Son
  4. Crowns
  5. What A Beautiful Name
  6. Your Word
  7. Let There Be Light
  8. In Control
  9. Grace To Grace
  10. Elohim
  11. I Will Boast In Christ
  12. As It Is (In Heaven)
  13. What A Beautiful Name (Acoustic) DIGITAL DELUXE ALBUM ONLY
  14. In Control (Acoustic) DIGITAL DELUXE ALBUM ONLY
  15. I Will Boast In Christ (Acoustic) DIGITAL DELUXE ALBUM ONLY
  16. Elohim (Acoustic) DIGITAL DELUXE ALBUM ONLY
  17. Behold New Roads (Live talk from Pastor Brian Houston) DIGITAL DELUXE ALBUM ONLY