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Britt Nicole - Britt Nicole (Deluxe Edition)

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Since her debut in 2007, Britt Nicole has made her place as one of the top rising pop artists in the industry. Five #1 Radio Singles, 2.2M tracks sold, 117M+ streams, and over 47M+ video views. Britt is poised to make her biggest statement yet with the upcoming release of her self-titled 4th studio album. With her last release Gold, Britt landed her first Grammy nomination, Top 40 radio single, and big film placements, showing people she’s just getting started. The self-titled album will feature the high-energy tracks, catchy hooks and top 40 beats we’ve all come to expect from Britt, while sharing her consistent message of hope to old and new fans to come.

All digital files are not available outside of the US.


1. Through Your Eyes

2. All The Money

3. Better

4. Work Of Art

5. Fallin In Love

6. Be The Change

7. All Day

8. Pave

9. No Filter

10. Girls Night Out

11. After You

12. Concrete

13. Heart Of Stone

14. Electric Love